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Health coaching services available through WholeMBS!

Maybe you’re trying to reach a goal and you want it bad? We all need some help, but if you want to achieve lifelong goals then you may need a health coach.

  • Health and wellness coaching is a skill set that empowers people to tap into their own inner source of motivation to restore and preserve health and well-being (Maryland University of Integrative Health, 2017).

Change is a huge step and can be overwhelming on your own. I am offering health coaching services for you to get those results you’ve been looking for! I know you may not be sure what a health coach is, but it really becomes clearer when you have one! Health coaching services are becoming popular in today’s world because so many people want to take bigger steps into becoming their healthier selves. This will help you feel stronger and confident about yourself inside and outside. Health coaching has been said to lead to lifelong growth.
I am here to help you reach your highest potential through health coaching services! One of the best things about health coaching is that I offer coaching not only on the physical aspect of wellness, but the mental, social, spiritual, and intellectually level too. Maybe you need to become healthier in your social life meaning becoming closer to family and friends or you may want to start a diet for a big debut on the beach one day! It is up to you, you lead the sessions and I help you figure it out through health coaching!

I hope this interest you in reaching your health and wellness goals! This can be done face-to-face, online (Skype) or telephonically! If there is more information you’d like to know more about health coaching services then contact me! We are on this road together!

Health coaching sessions could include but not limited to: 

  • Nutrition
  • Meal prepping techniques
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Water benefits
  • Protein and carbs
  • Vitamins
  • When to eat and what to eat to maintain a healthy weight
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Healthy snacks
  • Meditation
  • Remaining present
  • Breathing techniques
  • Starting your day & ending your day
  • Gym/home workouts
  • Cardio
  • Heart rate benefits
  • Easy exercises
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical Activity
  • Self-care suggestions/ideas

WHAT to expect?

  • Creating a honest, open client-to-coach relationship with a student health coach. Expect to be called a client and refer to student coach as health coach.
  • Meet with your student health coach once a week for 45 minutes on the phone.
  • Fill out personal information concerning your goals, needs, wants, and preferences during the client-to-coach relationship
  • Be committed to meeting during your scheduled time
  • Becoming present with yourself and learning new things about who you are, what you like, and what you would like to explore
  • Building a personal relationship with yourself
  • Setting goals based off of what you want, NOT what the student health coach thinks you need
  • Emotional days
  • Motivation and reassurance from your student health coach regarding your health and wellness goals
  • Positive change
  • Managing progress and accountability for your goals with your student health coach
  • Communicate with student health coach through email and telephone regarding progress, scheduling, and questions mid-week.  

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Lets make this change together!


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