Patience and Time Insider

Good morning you beautiful people! Have you ever wanted something so bad and you just couldn’t wait? Or have you ever known you were getting something but would try to rush the process. It is crazy how lately I been noticing how mindfulness goes hand in hand with patience and ...
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How to Eat Mindfully

Hello everyone! I know the holidays are approaching and food brings everyone together! Well it is kind of tough to not indulge in your favorite foods with your favorite people right? But there is a healthy way to do this you know? Now, I am not saying to not eat ...
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Self Care Tips

Hi everyone! I know I have begun to share with you some mindfulness practices and how meditation could be beneficial for your health journey. But I also want to share with you some self-care quotes and tips to remind you of how important it is to take care of yourself ...
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Hi everyone, This will be a very simple, short, and sweet post! I just want to speak on a little about health and wellness and possibly provide you with some general overall health and wellness tips. What is health to you? What is wellness to you? Do you use the ...
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Need more mindfulness meditation tips to kickstart your day? It is super easy to do, but you just have to make it a habit and dedicate to it daily. To make it even more easier, use a guided meditation. This means someone is helping you become mindful and present during ...
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5 EASY Mindfulness Meditation Tips!

Now I know you're thinking why am I hearing this word mindfulness so much? Omg that was the first thing I thought in school. I thought that meditation was the only word you used to calm yourself. Well, I was wrong meditation is a type of mindfulness exercise practice. Mindful ...
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Sleep is a Mindfulness Exercise

I am sure that many of you think that sleep doesn't mean so much, but it really does today! Mindfulness meditation tips make your mind feel relaxed. Sleep is a part of mindfulness. It becomes a part of our health the older we get. Not only that young children need ...
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What is mindfulness?

https://youtu.be/HmEo6RI4Wvs What is Mindfulness? Check out this video by Jon Kabbat-Zinn who is known as the founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction. He teaches mindfulness which helps people cope with stress, anxiety, and illnesses. In this video he gives a synopsis about what mindfulness is. Be sure to comment below about ...
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